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Let’s Strengthen Wisconsin Together

Four years ago, I ran for office promising to reduce taxes, simplify the tax code, reform government, and strengthen education. I said we needed to get government out of the way so the private sector could create jobs and we’ve delivered on those promises.

Together, we’ve passed historic tax cuts, simplified the tax code, and gotten the people of Wisconsin through the numerous challenges facing our state. Through our conservative budget, we’ve made smart investments in education, infrastructure, and public safety while holding the line on government spending and cutting income and property taxes.

However, we aren’t done yet!  Now we need to continue our work addressing workforce challenges, improving healthcare quality, securing our elections, strengthening our economy, holding bureaucrats accountable, tackling rising violent crime, and fixing the school funding formula.

It has been an honor and privilege serving you in the State Senate. New challenges and new opportunities await Wisconsin over the next four years. Let’s strengthen Wisconsin together.