Devin’s Priorities


Devin guided the Legislative budget towards prudent investments in local roads, education, public safety, and healthcare while controlling costs and cutting taxes by more than $3 billion. His work this session continues the decade-long track record of tax reductions for hardworking families.


Devin pushed legislation to recruit, train, and better equip police officers to address the growing public safety concerns across the state. Our budget also increased the number of prosecutors and judges to make our communities safer.


Devin’s work on the budget helped secure $18 billion to teach students–the most in state history. In addition to strengthening schools, Devin led efforts to empower parents through curriculum transparency, expanded learning, and skilled trade teaching opportunities.


Devin led the charge to cut state taxes, putting $3 billion back into the Wisconsin economy to produce growth and combat inflation. He also led efforts to pass legislation to tackle the Unemployment Crisis while fighting job-killing regulation to help small businesses succeed.


When the last election exposed serious problems in Wisconsin’s election administration, Devin took a deliberate, evidence-based approach to fixing the problems. In addition to initiating the most comprehensive election audit in state history, Devin led the charge to pass critical legislative reforms to enforce voter ID laws, ban ballot harvesting, hold bureaucrats accountable, prevent nursing home fraud, and ban outside ‘Zuckerbucks’ from influencing our elections.

Despite Governor Evers repeatedly vetoing these commonsense election reforms, Devin worked to successfully use the Legislative rulemaking process and court challenges to block and expose many of the abuses of our laws. Devin stands ready to re-introduce critical reform legislation and work with a reform-minded governor to lock these protections in law so we can secure our elections and restore trust in the process.


A strong infrastructure is critical to maintain Wisconsin’s strong economy.  That is why Devin supported new funding for improvements of local roads, bridges, and broadband expansion in the last two state budgets.

The expansion of Highway 23 to four lanes is critical to improve driver safety and expand economic opportunity for our area businesses. Devin worked to enumerate and fund the expansion of this vital corridor in past budgets and will continue to prioritize the expansion efforts until the job is done.

Devin will continue to support fiscally-responsible investments in roads, especially local roads, and prioritize reforming the Department of Transportation to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely–getting Wisconsinites more miles for their money.


Devin has worked to lower health premiums for employers and individuals in the private market with his work on the last two state budgets.  Devin also authored legislation to expand access to mental health services in schools.

With politicians in Washington gridlocked on healthcare, Devin has accomplished consumer-driven healthcare solutions in Wisconsin.  His work has focused on improving quality and value for patients while reversing the healthcare provider shortage, particularly among frontline nurses and physicians.