Devin’s Priorities

Creating a Job-Friendly Business Climate

Government can’t create jobs; however, it can create an environment that promotes job growth. Devin understands that in order for local businesses to expand and new businesses to locate in Wisconsin, government needs to be a partner in creating a business friendly environment. To create such a climate, Wisconsin must focus on developing its resources and educating and training its workforce, while reducing the burden and cost of doing business in the state.

Wisconsin is blessed with incredible resources, including lakes, minerals, and rich farmlands. We are also home to some of the best educated, hardest working citizens in the country. As senator, Devin will work focus on promoting these resources and developing the workforce of the state to continue to attract business and investment.Issues 2

As a small business owner Devin also understands that unnecessary government taxation and regulation burdens business and job growth. Devin will assure businesses have the freedom and flexibility to produce jobs in the state, while avoiding burdensome regulation and taxation.

Controlling Spending and Cutting Taxes

Governor Walker and the leaders in Madison have made tremendous strides over the last 3 years by balancing the budget and reducing taxes. Even though we are now on the right track, Wisconsin remains one of the highest taxed states. We still have higher income tax rates than all of our neighbors except Minnesota and Iowa¹. Only Illinois has higher property taxes in the upper Midwest².

Wisconsin can do better. And Devin’s record on the Sheboygan County Board proves he knows the path forward. Under Devin’s leadership, Sheboygan County cut property taxes in 4 of the last 8 years. During this period, the Sheboygan County property tax levy increased just 2.27%, compared with 17.22% on average statewide.

Sheboygan County has proven to be a model for the efficiencies created by Governor Walker’s reforms. As chair of the Human Resources Committee, Devin led the county in identifying $13 million in payroll related savings, while maintain the high quality services his constituents deserve. This prudent fiscal management has placed Sheboygan County in the top 10% nationwide for fiscally sound and investment worthy counties. This is the skillset and experience that Devin will bring to Madison.


Wisconsin has shown a commitment toward building a strong public education system. This needs to continue and, as Senator, Devin will protect the state’s investment in public education.

A child’s chances of succeeding in school are greatly increased with strong parental involvement. Parents know what is best for their child and should be given options and support in the educating of their child including home schooling, virtual schools and school choice.Bio_Issues

Local school boards are connected to their communities and should be allowed to make decisions that they know are best for their children and schools. Whenever possible, local control of our schools should be preserved.

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